Getting Started in Pinewood Derby

Getting Started in Pinewood Derby Cover

Getting Started in Pinewood Derby

Step-by-Step Workbook to Building Your First Car

By Troy Thorne

The annual Pinewood Derby attracts over a million participants nation-wide. The pinewood derby is intended to be a fun activity that promotes creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and healthy competition.  (The key word here is “healthy”…)  And, as a Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, or Grandparent, It’s also a chance to build memories of time spent with your son, nephew, and grandson as the two of you build a car together.  Unfortunately, the pinewood derby, fueled by busy schedules, competitive parents, and social pressures, has morphed from innocent fun and a valuable teaching moment into a multi-million dollar industry of tools, gadgets, and tricks that ignore the true benefits of the activity in favor of one thing: winning. It’s no wonder that participants can be a bit anxious the first-time around.

Getting Started in the Pinewood Derby will take the fear out of participating in an inaugural pinewood derby race — especially if you have no woodworking skills.  Unlike any other pinewood book, it’s not about building the most spectacular car, or winning the race; it’s about spending time with a child building something together.  It’s about planning the activity so you both have some fun, a few laughs, learn a thing or two about friction and gravity, and walk away with a car you can both be proud of…even if it isn’t perfect.  Getting Started in the Pinewood Derby will eliminate any anxiety about the upcoming race because it will remind you that the race is not about the adults, it’s about the kids. And what kid doesn’t want to have fun? In the end, Getting Started in the Pinewood Derby will help kids and adult have a stress-free, good-time building a car that will get down the track.  Maybe next year, you can worry about taking home first place.

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